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Human Alert

As I walk down the street and look at all the trash dumped by the road I cannot help – once again – thinking that I must have been somehow born on a wrong Planet.

How can people behave this way? How can they dump their plastic cups, plastic bags, shoes, mattresses, diapers, bottles… all this shit (Pardon my French!) just like that in the Nature, in their own living environment? How difficult is it to take the dirty diaper of your baby after changing and drop it in the container instead of throwing it in the closest bush? It is, after all, that cute little baby of yours that inherits this Planet. Or this rubbish dump of ours, to be more precise.

This pure selfishness and ignorance is something that gets me mad. I try to take a few deep breaths and not look down. Instead, I lift my head up in the air. A couple of birds flying by and tweeting immediately manage to cheer me up. If I was born in a wrong place or amongst a wrong species, I start playing with my initial thought, instead of a human I should have been a bird. My worst nightmare has always been being closed in a cage. I love my freedom, I love moving and traveling, flying around where ever I wish to, following my intuition. I´d just love to be sitting quietly on a tree, observing the world from up there. I´d love to fly over the mountain tops and then dive down in the ocean to catch a little fish. Yes, I´d want to be a bird that can swim and dive to be able to experience the amazing underwater world, too.

Feeling the air under your wings must be something else. I have only one experience of flying, or rather free falling from 4 kilometers height when tandem-skydiving and it was certainly the most amazing adrenaline kick I have ever experienced. The feeling of the eternal continuum of space around you, under you and above you, is something so weird for a terrestrial being that it is almost impossible to describe.

Suddenly I return back to our earthly reality as my eyes catch a little bird lying on the side of the road. Or the remaining dead body of a little bird. Two birds suddenly fly up from the near-by tree as if they had been there keeping company to their deceased partner that I am observing on the ground. How sad. It is a hunting season down here right now and we have been cursing these old and young men who gather on our Mountain to shoot birds. It´s the mating season of the birds so there are many of them around. To be killed by the hunters. Just for fun. For their selfish leisure time hobby. Those bastards.

The dead little bird does not look like it´s been hit by a bullet though. Another option is that this bird drank poisonous chemical water or ate something chemical. It is also that time of the year when the farmers pour their chemicals on their plantations. On the food that we eat, in other words. We see huge piles of plastic sacks with fertilizers piled up on the farmyards these days. The stuff that destroys our ecosystem and poisons our food. Those bastards.

I was definitely born on a wrong Planet.

Nope, you were not, a voice inside me suddenly replies. You were born here on Earth, in the right place and the right time, and your task is to find out WHY - while working on your peace of mind.

Indeed, there might be some more work to do there.

And humbly she returns back on her yoga mat.

Breathing in... and out... in... and out.

Trying to keep up a positive uplifted spirit in my blog, I try to avoid swear words in the future and I shall not post here a picture of trash nor a dead bird but rather of a happily flying human being who sometimes dreams of flying like a bird.




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