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Higher perspectives

Exactly one year ago I was about to make one of my very long-term dreams come true as we were taking off to trek in the Himalayas. Our 6-week trip via India to Nepal was life changing in many ways. We learnt important life lessons from the strong and wise Nepali people and by exchanging ideas with some remarkable travelers from around the world. On the road we had finally the time, distance and space needed to think through our own life situation back home. We had so many other dreams yet to fulfill in this lifetime and it was about the time to start making concrete strategic moves.

Traveling makes you realize that all you REALLY need is actually with you right here and right now. For me it does not even matter so much where I go, what matters more is who I go with. My travel companion had proved to be someone I truly enjoy traveling with, everywhere and anywhere. He is honest, strong and reliable, solid as a rock. My best friend, lover and soul mate. Crazy enough to follow my creative flows but wise and grounded enough to set the boundaries when my flow gets a bit too…creative. Finally a person with such an intellectually refined sense of humour that he gets my jokes! Almost all of them anyways. Someone who makes me want to grow and seek to strengthen my character, bringing out the better side of myself. (By the way he never reads these posts, he is a rare human specimen living outside of internet. As we speak he is out there in the real world, working hard to create and cultivate added value in our life and for many other beings around us. <3 )

Seeing our amazingly beautiful Planet opening up in front of our eyes from the heights of Annapurna sealed our decision to move out of the grey city, to step out of the rat race, to go for the life we really deep inside dreamt of living. At least it was worth giving it a try. We are certainly not getting any younger so why wait? If we reached the peak moments of happiness up in the mountains sleeping in a simple hut without heating in the middle of the Nepali winter, all our possessions in our small rucksacks and only a few rupees in our pockets, surely we could be happy with much less material comfort back home in Europe, too, right?

So here we are. It´s been 7 months since we let go of our cosy and comfortable 100m2 city apartment and most of our material possessions in central Brussels and moved to live in our 10m2 second-hand caravan in the Greek countryside in Peloponnese. I am not yet quite hard core enough to live in the caravan throughout the winter, so since mid-October we have a proper roof on top of our heads again as we rented a small apartment in Kyparissia for the winter. Today, one year after the kick-off of our Nepali adventures, we finally unwrapped and hung our Tibetan prayer flags on our bedroom wall to give it some colour and to bring a little fresh breeze of the Himalayan Mountains into our new nest.

Do come and visit! It is very beautiful, green and quiet down here.

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