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Recently in my outdoor office with sea view I haven´t felt like writing anything.

Nor reading. Nor doing anything else.

I am just sitting there and being.

Sensing the environment.

Feeling the warm breeze on my skin, smelling the earth.

Hearing the crickets and birds.

Seeing the sea, seeing the green plants, their shape and colour and movement, seeing the butterflies dancing around the flowers, the ants climbing on my desk and one brave explorer on my computer.

Being in awe inside this beautiful nature scenery full of wonders, feeling it with every cell of my body, breathing it, being part of it.

There are no words, it is not an intellectual process, there is no need to say nor write anything.

All the words and adjectives become useless. All analyzing seems vane.

It simply is.

And I simply am.

We simply are.

These rare moments in a life of a human being - when there is nothing but just HUMAN *BEING*.

It is not me, human being in the nature, the nature is equally being in me.

We are all connected, all one. I am. We are.

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