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Flora and fauna BREAKING NEWS

It´s highly interesting what happens when you disconnect from the collective media reality and start living in the HERE and the NOW. The media reality starts feeling so distant and somehow so fake in all its depressive gloominess, too. It´s such a tiny limited fraction of all that LIFE has to offer. People communicate in a virtual platform forming and presenting their opinions and arguments about pieces of news and they build their whole days around these discussions and outbursts, often totally ignoring that the there is a physical world around them, real people, concrete live events constantly passing by while they are getting all emotional staring at that yet-again-scandalous-breaking-piece-of-news on the screen. And then what? After a week or two this scandal is already long forgotten as the media offers yet again a new juicy scandalous crisis for the hungry followers to bite, chew and swallow.

When I open the news sites or social media there it attacks, the weird current European political atmosphere after the Brexit vote, filled with so much fear and despair, shouting and screaming, speculating and worrying, arguing and blaming, smart educated people turning into tyrannical judges and Judgement Day´s advocates in social media, not to mention the less smart ones… It´s a real psychological trap, a matrix that eats you and your mood up alive if you let it come close. Whhhohoa, better to disconnect immediately and stay in the HERE and NOW as this is where your LIFE happens. Always.

Here in the country we have some TANGIBLE real issues to handle, hands-on, real time, authentic LIVE REAL LIFE situations. Like the biggest rainfall of the century, in one day it was pouring down more than during the last decades altogether (might be exaggerating a bit here but if you ask the Greeks they will exaggerate even more!). Before that day the temperatures were higher than +40C in some parts of Greece, which is very HIGH for June. We were on FIRE and then suddenly totally SOAKED. In practical terms our road leading to our land is quite damaged now, everything in our wardrobe got soaked as there was a hole in the roof, as we found out the next day... and that´s about it, so nothing bad, just a brand new weather phenomenon registered in these latitudes or the end of June. The plants were all hopefully enjoying the unexpected shower to the fullest.

Other than that, some REAL LIFE SCANDALOUS BREAKING NEWS from the flora and fauna world. Have a look at that SUPERGIANT WASP ! It´s clearly the sign of the END of the WORLD as we know it ( = had never seen one before) !

Well, we did survive even this eventually.

Big HUGS, my dears!

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