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Welcome our new-born baby!

Guess I start slowly understanding all the parents who are constantly posting pictures and comments of every move, smile and pee and poo of their new-born babies. I feel like posting every growth step of our new-born plants these days!

Here, to begin with, is our FIRST EVER home-grown zucchini. It had just appeared this morning! Ta-tta-tta-ta-daaa!!! Look how small and cute it is! AAAaaaaawwwww….. And there are many more new family members to come, just wait and see!

The whole family is feeling very proud, excited and healthy! The sweaty happy hippie parents are looking forward to welcoming many more babies soon: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, figs, grapes, almonds, sour cherries, pomegranates... And you should meet the cutest tiny cypress youngsters we found growing under the bushes... AAaaawwww... !

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