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Greetings from Paradise (never mind the snakes!)

Some friends back in their grey rainy cities are certainly envious when I show them my new outdoor office space. These days I work on top of our piece of land (on a little slope) under the shades of the trees. We set a table and a chair there, put a comfortable cushion on the chair… et voilà! The sea view opens up panoramically in front of my eyes. The crickets are giving a steady rhythm for my typing fingers over here. Occasionally I pause to follow the dance of the birds passing by above. The sky is cloudless and blue, the sea and the mountains beyond the sea are blue, too, and everything else pretty much green. It will be yet another hot sunny day today (+32 - 38C this last week!).

But what would a paradise be without a little snake or two?

This morning as I walked up from the caravan towards my office I saw the first one. A big brown turbo high speed snake that ran (speed-crawled rather) away into the bushes right in front of me. Theo keeps saying that these big brown ones are harmless and that you can even pet them but it might take me a little while to get there… Apparently the snakes live among the rocks under the very same trees where my office is. Theo did sprinkle some kind of an ecological snake-repellent in a circle around my desk space (made me laugh to imagine being safe in the middle surrounded by snakes all around that circle line). Despite this protective circle for some reason today I feel like lifting my legs up on the chair while working.

Of course it is not just us and the snakes living up here. We are sharing our living space with many other creatures (probably many more than we can even imagine! Meet one unidentified lizard-looking green fellow in the picture down here). As our indoor bathroom is about to be finished we have still used our outdoor toilet (a relic from last summer). This morning I had to apologize to the spider (or maybe a whole team of spiders?) that had just finished their amazing web cover work on our toilet hole: “Sorry guys, great job but I will have to break it now, there is a certain order here in Nature, too, web-building permits and stuff, you see.” A more problematic task was to get rid of the wasp that was hanging out around the same hole, too. I did get rid of him, tossing him up and out, but then as I squatted down finally I still kept hearing his buzz above me. Is he back for revenge now?! Not the most relaxing toilet moment I have to say.

But anyways guys, life here in Nature is truly beautiful! Come and see! (I´ll save all the scorpion stories for later...)

No modern comforts but billion stars lighting up above us at night, all the amazing smells, the constant inhale of fresh air, the summery breeze on your skin, the fresh soil under our feet and nails, the warm sun (burning hot these days!) and the amazing sea and dives to discover the other universe under the water surface… Getting out of the head and using the whole body to move and work, to feel and sense, to let go and relax. Living in the natural rhythm, with day light and night´s darkness, sleeping when sleepy and eating when hungry. Seeing the seeds we plant literally growing in front of our eyes. Finding new fresh baby trees under the spiky bushes and setting them free: “Grow little one, the sky is your limit now!” Creating and nurturing LIFE. Tasting our first almonds. Collecting and drying our first herbs. Seeing the true wonders of the Universe: Mama Nature´s LIVE REALITY SHOW and full circles in constant slow-motion action, growing, spreading, nurturing, providing and then fading, drying up, dying and decaying. Just to begin a new cycle again. And again. And again. Year after year, serving us humans without questioning, without demanding anything back.

Makes one realize once again how small, helpless and weak we humans are in Nature without our tools and weaponry. Also, what a pest the modern industrialized and sterilized human is to this magically beautiful Planet Earth. And to one another, too. What on earth went wrong with us? When did human beings turn into human beasts, incapable of BEING and letting other beings BE, too? When did we lose the willingness to live in peace and harmony with our environment and instead started to over-control, shape and rape it?

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