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Reality check

So we have this beautiful plan to create our own small yoga place in Peloponnese.

Idealistically we imagined having the first small building, our home, to be ready by the end of the year.

What we didn´t take into account that all the bureaucratic elements, putting stamps and signatures on pieces of paper, seem to take longer than the actual constructing work. From the moment we landed in Athens we were a bit stuck there as notaries and public offices were on strike and we couldn´t even get the paper-signing and stamping procedures and protocols started.

This is life. We´ll just have to take more time and be patient. One step at the time, one breath at the time. There is still a plenty of work to do anyways with the land, our plants and caravan. Plus other projects and jobs on the side. Now we can take time to learn more about permaculture by visiting eco-communities and connecting with other people with similar interests. Time to relax a bit, too, which is especially important for our Building Master whose working rhythm is always super intense once he gets started with something. Slowing down is not such a bad idea after all.

There is no rush anywhere. Let´s enjoy every step on this journey and see with an open mind what ever the Universe brings on our path. Going with the flow, getting ourselves out of the way and trusting the Higher Powers´ intellectual capacities to decide what is best for us.

Keeping the target in mind but focusing on experiencing fully what is right here right now.

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