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The Artist of all Artists

Welcome to the jungle, we have fun and games!

It´s amazing what Nature does when you let it freely grow in the most... well, NATURAL way.

Our field had been abandoned years ago and then taken over by harsh spiky wild bushes.

Theo cleaned the bushes one by one using a motor saw and his bare hands.

In February-March we planted some trees and herbs to start with.

Since then the Nature has taken over and created an amazing variety flowers in all colors, variety of plants that you couldn´t imagine to replace those strong nasty spiky fellows...

The variety is just astonishing! So many different types emerging from the land that was used many years ago to cultivate one variety only.

After the Western Easter (end of March) we stayed away until the Orthodox Easter time (beginning of May) and between the two Easters a true JUNGLE has emerged on our field. In about a month all our cultivated plants and trees had grown a lot, some herbs massively. Plus we had received many more newcomers. Luckily it had rained during this period. What a wonderful piece of Art by Mama Nature awaited us! Plenty of white butterflies, too, dancing on the flowery field... Aaahhhh... It felt so good to be finally in the country after being stuck in Athens for longer than expected with all the administrative hassle.

This experiment made me realize concretely what a horrible damage we are doing to our land and soil by applying chemicals first of all and secondly by cultivating only one variety in each field. Monoculture is just so unnatural, inefficient and impoverishing the soil. Everywhere you look the wild nature has several varieties growing in one spot. About the use of chemicals I won´t even need to mention the damage they cause, not only to the land but to our own health. It is so obvious. Now I am more and more convinced that PERMACULTURE is the answer, observing Nature´s own way of producing and following that model, combining plants that are beneficial to one another and that act as natural pesticides, too.

Among others a UN research has shown a long ago that small-scale organic farming is the only way to feed all the people on our planet. There is plenty of information available out there. We just need more ACTION. The best part of it is that there are plenty of cheap small spots of land out there for YOU to start growing your own food, too. You can do it even in urban environments and on your balcony.

Cooperating with our amazing Planet, the Nature, the nourishing Mother, the Provider for all of us and our creative Mastermind. The true Artist of all Artists.


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