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In Praise of the Quiet Life

Remember those moments from childhood when you used to lay on the grass watching the clouds go by? Just watching those slowly changing forms of the drifting clouds. There was no hurry, no ticking clocks anywhere, the summer seemed endless and oh so free.

These magic moments when our minds are quiet for a change. When the restless monkey in our head stays at the background for a little while. No criticizing, no labeling, no judging. No planning the future, no analyzing the past. Just being here and now. Merely being.

We call ourselves human beings and yet, BEING seems to be the most difficult thing for us.

However, being in silence is most necessary; it sets us free, it connects us with who we really are beyond the illusions of the ego. A whole universe opens up inside us. In silence our forgotten senses get sharper. We finally exit the head and start inhabiting our whole body. We start feeling our bodies differently, discovering new sensations, tapping into new energy sources. We start discovering ourselves from the inside and when diving inwards the world outside starts changing, too.

Just by being. Observing. Welcoming all possible sensations. Letting them come and allowing yourself feel them. Then letting them drift away. Watching them go by like the clouds in the sky.

Summer is finally here. Time to find a comfortable position somewhere in a quiet place on the green grass and to be. Yes, Mr Shakespeare, to BE - that is the answer.

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